The SFE at Loncon 3

We passed a couple of major milestones on 1st August: the SFE is now over 4.5 million words, of which John Clute’s own contribution has now exceeded 2 million. (For comparison, the 1993 second edition was 1.3 million words, and the current third edition was 3.2 million when we launched in October 2011.)

A number of SFE editors will be at the forthcoming World Science Fiction Convention, Loncon 3, between August 14-18, and John Clute will be one of the Guests of Honour – as will be SFE alumnus Malcolm Edwards. There will be a couple of SFE-related programme items, as follows:


The Evolution of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Friday 15 August, 6-7pm, Capital Suite 13

Jonathan Clements, John Clute, Neal Tringham, David Langford, Graham Sleight, Rick Wilber

The SFE is 35 this year, and is now in its third edition. This panel will discuss how the SFE came about, and how it has changed with the times. What are the processes that go into creating an encyclopedia, and what are the pitfalls? How has the transition to an online format shaped the third edition? And in what ways does its increasing internationalisation reflect transformations in the field at large?


Science Fiction Encyclopedia Reunion

Saturday 16 August, 4.30-6pm, Capital Suite 7 + 12

John Clute, Malcolm Edwards, Peter Nicholls

Listen to the people behind the Science Fiction Encyclopedia discuss the history of its creation, from the first edition to the present day.


In addition, one of the displays in the Exhibits Hall is John Clute’s study.

We’ll hope to see as many SFE readers there as we can!

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