The Four Million Words of Stuff

As of today’s upload, the SFE has passed the 4 million word mark. (4,009, 844, to be exact.) As a reminder, the 1993 print edition was about 1.3m words. A little bemused by this landmark, the SFE editors are not quite sure how it was achieved (=> Mad Scientists), except that 4,009, 844 is a lot of words (=> Linguistics).  Nonetheless, as a group (=> Hive Minds), they feel reasonably content with progress so far (=> Optimism and Pessimism), and look forward to adding even more entries before too long (=> Near Future). After a brief sip of cheap champagne from a paper cup, they will return to their screens to write yet more words using the traditional SFE research tools (=> Occult Detectives), and hoping not to become too exhausted (=> Zombies).

Science does not yet allow us to discern which of the recently added entries contains the actual 4,000,000th word, though I’d like to think it was in one of Gary Westfahl’s recently added entries for truly terrible movies. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, anyone? 


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5 responses to “The Four Million Words of Stuff

  1. Lee Mendham

    F*** me. (=> Sex)

  2. Phil Friel

    Four million words? You guys sure do talk a lot. 🙂 Seriously, that is an incredible amount of work. Well done guys, very well done. Keep it coming. 😉

  3. Rob Latham

    Congratulations! I honestly hope to read every one.

  4. Phil Friel

    Incredible! Fantastic work, guys. The SFE is undoubtedly one of THE most detailed and amazing science fiction resources available. Together with the Locus Online Indexes (Indici?) – also available on CD from the Locus Magazine website if you wanna actually buy them – it forms the most comprehensive SF reference material you can find.

  5. Jim

    I’ve got a 672-page 1979 paperback edition, which presumably has at most 1.3 million words also , so 4 million is mighty impressive – even if I’m still trying to work my way through the best of the 1979 recommendations!

    Keep up the good work guys. The SFE has been my sci-fi Bible

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