Some demographics

Thanks, all, for comments on the last post. I hope that we’ll be able to implement a number of the design changes you asked for: watch this space. That last post was, of course, part of a larger question – trying to find out who uses the SFE and making sure it’s as suited to users’ needs as possible.

Our website analytics give us some insight into this. For instance, we know that 41% of SFE users are from the US, 21% from the UK, 5% from Canada, and 4% from Australia, then smaller numbers from Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain in that order. But it’s much more difficult to tell what kinds of people are using the site. So here’s another poll, for all who’ve used the SFE so far. Tick as many boxes as apply to you; apologies in advance if I’ve missed off an important category of potential users.



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6 responses to “Some demographics

  1. Paul Smyth

    Bookseller in the UK, useful for filling in the gaps in my knowledge.

  2. Academic in film studies with a focus on sf and utopias.

  3. HW Hall

    I am an indexer of SF and fantasy criticism and book reviews for the most part. In lesser ways, I am a fan, reader, and one-author collector.

  4. Damian K

    I marked other. I’m an SF reader. I take the word “fan” to mean something else.

  5. Librarian. Bibliographer (Harlan Ellison, 1973, etc.; George R. R. Martin, 2003- . Bibliometrician (as doctoral candidate, i.e., ABD) of SF&F scholarship. Wanna-be historian of SF&F library and archival collections (once the dissertation is finished!)

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