…the beta text has gone live – see . Your humble correspondent is now going for a lie-down, after which he will start responding to the 5,271,009 emails that have arrived as a result.



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5 responses to “So….

  1. Here’s something that needs adjusting: to search for CHINA MIÉVILLE one has to have an accented E. A search for CHINA MIEVILLE returns nothing.

  2. nickpheas

    Also searchwise, the server seems to crash if asked to search for anything outside a-z, 1-0.

    We were discussing how there were entries for writers, and films derived from books, but not the books themselves, which somehow lead me to wanting to look up Tiger! Tiger! Just searching for Tiger Tiger returned everything involving a stripy feline (and eventally Bester), which searching for quoteTiger Tiger closequote or Tiger! both crashed the search engine.

  3. nickpheas

    Another niggle. The encylopedia is:

    Google offers which seems to be a page about your scripting language

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