Getting in touch

We’re tantalisingly close to being able to unveil the beta text of the SFE. We suspect that when we do, we’ll get a lot of feedback. Obviously, being human, we hope that most of that will be nice feedback. (I believe Robert Silverberg once said that all a writer wanted from a critic was “three thousand words of closely-argued praise”.) And if you want to send us champagne, gold bars, or large cheques, I’m sure we can find a way to facilitate that. However, inevitably, there’ll be requests that we change or fix something.

If you have feedback of any kind on the SFE, the best way to get in touch is via the email contact form here. This has the advantage of being copied to several of the editors, so whoever’s best placed to answer can do so.

Queries about the linked Gollancz SF Gateway site should not come to us, please – the Gateway should have its own feedback mechanisms which will be unveiled shortly.

As noted in the beta text post, if you think an entry ought to be in the SFE but isn’t, please for the moment don’t flag that for us. We’re almost certainly working on it already. And given that we’ll probably get most of our feedback just after we go live, please bear with us if we don’t reply instantly….



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2 responses to “Getting in touch

  1. Wow! This is a magnificent undertaking, wonderfully done. My use my 1992 print edition all the time, but to have access to an updated version online is amazing. Thank you all for your work and expertise!

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